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15 August 2009 @ 07:41 pm
compliation post  

This is a master post of all important entries for this community. It is intended to make things quicker and easier to find within the community. Although tags also serve this purpose, I personally feel this is alot more organized (and visually appealing) than the tagging system. Tags will still be used within in community as this entry will not archive icon, music, or layout posts. Archived materials are poll entries, download links, mod posts, affiliates, resources, etc. Feel free to add this entry to your memories — this entry will also be placed in the community profile for easy access.


mod posts:
mod post #1: image hosting

image requests: open
celebrity requests: open

banner poll: reopened

font downloads:
(please comment on the appropriate post if you choose to download)
♦ Freebooter Script: download - example - post
♦ Gothic Ultra Trendy: download - example - post
♦ Henry Morgan Hand: download - example - post
♦ Jane Austen: download - example - post
♦ Lucida Blackletter: download - example - post
♦ Saint Andrews Queen: download - example - post
♦ Susie's Hand: download - example - post

image downloads:
(you must comment on the original entry if you download a pack)
♦ 08-10-09: entry - download (165 images)
♦ 08-14-09: entry - download (62 images)

(reminder) requests

Please comment with any questions or concerns regarding this post.

Last updated: Aug. 15, 2009